Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014: New Year's Resolutions & Hesitations

With the Holidays behind us, and the New Year on the horizon, you can almost feel the world expelling a massive sigh of relief; all at once. In fact, you can almost hear people saying, “I've made it through another year!” Annual survivors are older, and hopefully a little wiser, with money lost and gained, many having hearts broken and mended, new friends made and opportunities experienced and explored. The world threw all it had at me, and I kept on coming. Rejoice, now is the time of new beginnings. You get to dust off the previous year and start anew. Reflect on who you were and what you did, and envision who you will be and what you have yet to do. Reinvention and renewal await us all within the New Year. However, as exciting as all this can be, the New Year is also a time of great fear and trepidation, regret and indecision. Will I fall into the same patterns that I always have? Am I ready to change? What if I fail? These questions and many others often race through our heads and weigh heavy on our hearts as we prepare for the New Year. For some, these reflections may change the way they view the world and the people in it. It may even seem like they are against you, and you have little to no chance at change and happiness. Remember, the future is a blank slate. It is up to you, to snuff out these nagging thoughts and doubts. To say I will try, because if I don’t I have already failed. The path can be long and uneven, full of loose stones that cause you to stumble. Know that it isn’t if you fall, but rather how you choose to regain your stride when you do. Be firm in your decision, and stay committed to whatever direction you have chosen. Challenges await, but so does victory. Happy New Year from all of us at North Valley Anger Management Consultants! For more information about North valley Anger Management Consultants and our services, please visit our website at or call us at 1-888-992-6479.

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