Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Resolutions That Really Work: Anger Management!

For many of us, although 2015 is officially over, the emotional clean up process is just beginning. If 2015 was an angry year for you, you are not alone. The good news is 2016 is a brand new opportunity to reclaim emotional control of our life. You may want to consider having anger management as a New Year's resolution if any of the following apply: Have loved ones told you have an anger problem? Has your anger gotten you into legal trouble? Has your significant other, or family, asked you to go to anger management? Have you lost jobs, friends, or relationships because of your anger? If any of this sounds like you, there is hope. Individual or group anger management counseling can help you take back control of your emotional life ultimately leading to a happier and more successful you. Anger management isn't just for executives, athletes, or celebrities anymore! In fact, anger management skills can help you with all of the following: * Increase positive communication skills * Make better choices responding to stress at home and work. * Learn to express anger in more appropriate ways * Learn coping and relaxation skills * Learn replacement behaviors to use when angry At North Valley Anger Management Consultants, we excel in helping people overcome and control anger and reclaim their lives. For more information, call us today for a free 30 minute telephone consultation at 1-888-992-6479, or visit our website at

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