Saturday, May 18, 2013

Anger Management Is Part of Self Care 101

In a recent mental health report, from the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General (U.S.Public Health Service), anger management classes are recommended as part of acomprehensive stress reduction program. The Surgeon General, in a clarion call for health promotion initiatives, underscores the importance of psycho educational interventions at a community level for a range of problems including parenting, stress management, and anger management classes. Because anger management is a broad spectrum intervention, it is notable for its wide applicability to a variety of constituencies for both primary and secondary stress prevention. For example, anger management techniques are needed desperately by doctors, teachers, probation officers, correctional staff, counselors, community leaders and parents. Ease of access for anger management services is readily available by utilizing programs at various community locations, such as schools, social service organizations, churches, libraries, and provide convenient venues for workshops and classes.

A recent study at John Hopkins University found that most people who have experienced heart attacks or strokes had problems managing anger. Thus unhealthy anger has serious health implications and needs to be addressed proactively. Good health requires self-care, and participation in a psycho educational program may be an important aspect in preventive care.

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