Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why Groups? groups? 

This is an important question. If you haven’t asked the question, you still might want to consider the benefits of what Groups can offer you.  Groups enhance individual therapy, so we encourage all clients to continue seeing their existing individual counselor if they are currently seeing someone.
Groups give you an opportunity to meet others share similar feelings, thoughts, and problems.
Groups help boost your own self-concept through extending help to other group members.
Groups instill hope as you see positive changes in others, you become optimistic about your future.
Groups provide new information, insights, and ideas from the facilitator and from other members.
Groups create a healthy environment for developing effective communication & relationship skills.
Groups foster feelings of trust, belonging and togetherness among members.
Groups deepen your personal insight via safe live feedback provided from other members.
Groups expand your personal knowledge and skills through the safe observation of others.
Groups are cost-effective at North Valley Anger Management Consultants.
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