Monday, November 1, 2010

Youth sports and Anger Management

Have you been to a youth sporting event recently or in the past? Have you ever noticed a temper tantrum being thrown by an adult? This scenario happens more often than we would like to admit. As a former Youth Baseball League Director, Umpire and Coach for a large Los Angeles area program these displays of anger were more frequent than some of the shut-out games our best pitchers could muster.
Unfortunately the children being mentored and raised by these angry people were learning inappropriate behavior that left unchecked would carry on into their adult lives.
As our PONY Baseball Leagues grow so does the need for "Emotional Intelligence". The acronym "PONY" stands for "Protect our Nations Youth". More and more youth leagues from baseball to soccer and other sports require background checks for adults involved in the coaching, umpiring and directing process surrounding our children.
The skills required to maintain a "level headed approach" to youth sports is still missing an important ingredient "Emotional Intelligence" a model for our nations youth.
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Brad Klimovitch, CAMF