Sunday, February 12, 2012

The "Anger Trap"

Avoiding the "Anger Trap" is an important skill to have in your communication tool box, and is one that is often over looked. Navigating the slippery slope of interpersonal relations is never easy, but with a little help you will be stirring the communication course like a pro.
 An "Anger Trap" is the emotional mine field of any interaction that involves one party being denied something that they want. Yes, this happens all the time, all over the world, in ever aspect of life from the home to the cooperate board room. The result of getting caught in one of these traps, most especially in the business world, can often be a fast trip to anger management class. So what is the infamous trap, and how do you avoid it? An "Anger Trap" is sprung when the party being denied is able to hook the denier into justifying the denial and in so doing begins to exploit the deniers guilt. At this point, the denier becomes angry in response to the emotions associated with the guilt, and thus a successful 'anger trap' has been sprung. Avoiding the trap then becomes a matter of the denier being able to establish clear boundaries and effectively managing their communication of the denial. In short, the denier must avoid engaging in explanations by using clear, concise commands coupled with immediate disengagement from the conversation. This does not mean forgoing politeness, but it does mean remaining in control of the conversation. For more information about our services including anger management, interpersonal communication, stress management, avoiding the "Anger Trap", emotional intelligence, etc., please visit our website at or call 888-992-6479.