Sunday, August 24, 2014

25 Ways to Tell if Your Relationship is Toxic

1. Your partner put you down verbally, in private, or in front of others. 2. Your partner tells you he/she loves you, but their behavior shows otherwise. 3. Your partner doesn't want you to see, or talk, two friends or family. 4. Your partner is jealous of the time you spend with your kids. 5. Your partner shows up often at your work unexpectedly or opens your mail. 6. Your partner calls you often to see what you're doing. 7. You cry often, or feel depressed, over your relationship. 8. Your partner says you would have the perfect relationship if YOU would change. 9. Your partner want you to be dependent upon them. 10. Your partner does things, and then uses them to make you feel obligated. 11. Your thoughts, opinions, accomplishments, or words, our devalued. 12. You don't know who you are anymore without him/her, or how you would survive. 13. Your friends/family don't like your partner, or don't think he/she is good for you. 14. You have changed things about yourself to suit your partner, even when it is not to your taste. 15. You always go where your partner wants to like the movies, restaurants, etc. 16. Your partner has made you feel afraid, or unsafe, and you have been afraid to speak the truth at times for fear of upsetting him/her open [walking on eggshells]. 17. You don't feel you have control of your life anymore. 18. Your self-esteem is lower since you've been with your partner. 19. You think it's up to you to make the relationship work. 20. You keep secrets about your relationship from others who love you because they wouldn't understand. 21. Your partner makes you feel unattractive, or stupid. 22. Your partner accuses you of cheating and is overly jealous. 23. Your partner can be really sweet to you one minute, and really mean the next. 24. Your partner seems really sweet/loving to you when he/she thinks you are about to leave the relationship, or after he/she has been mean to you. 25. You can't remember the last time you felt happy for more than a few days straight. If you have answered yes to five (5), or more, of these toxic relationship identifiers, you may be in a toxic relationship. Toxicity is a red flag for domestic violence. For more information and a free consultation, please call 1-888-992-6479 or visit our website at

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