Sunday, November 18, 2012

How to Survive The Holidays Anger Free

The Holidays can be challenging for many people, most especially during these difficult economic times. Whether finances or family are giving you the Holiday Blues, following the road map below will definitly help you to successfully negotiate the emotional tidal wave associated with the season without loosing control, exploding in anger, or over indulging.

The key surviving the Holidays without explosive anger is resiliency: Having resilency means developing a set of tools we can use to cope with the various emotional challenges and triggers the Holidays may bring. Resiliency is a learned behavior that anyone may learn and incorporate at any point in their life.

Defining Resilience:
The word "resiliencies" is used to describe clusters of stengths that are mobilized in the
struggle with hardship. The vocabulary of strengths includes seven resiliencies which are as
Insight -
asking tough questions and giving honest answers.
Independence -
distancing emotionally and physically from the sources of trouble in one's
Relationships -
making fulfilling connections to other people. -
Initiative -
taking charge of problems.
Creativity -
using imagination and expressing oneself in art forms.
Humor -
finding the comic in the tragic.
Morality -
acting on the basis of an informed conscience.
Diagramming the Seven Resiliencies:
The Wolins have represented the resiliencies pictorially on a diagram they call the
resiliency mandala. A symbolic circle that stands for peace and order in the self, the mandala
was identified by Carl Jung as a universal symbol.


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Happy Holidays!
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